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Traffic Engineering Training Courses

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Traffic Engineering training courses are essential for professionals involved in the planning, design, and management of transportation systems. These courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex challenges of traffic flow, safety, and efficiency in urban and rural environments. Participants learn about various aspects of traffic engineering, including traffic flow theory, traffic signal operations, roadway design, transportation planning, and traffic safety measures.

Training Course TitleDateVenueFees (USD)Fees (NGN)
Inspection and Maintenance of Roadways22-26 Jan 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Road Safety Audits & Inspections12-16 Feb 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traffic Accident Investigation26 Feb-01 Mar 2024Accra - Ghana/Uyo$5,950 #700,000
Road Asset Management26 Feb-01 Mar 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Megaproject Management in Traffic Engineering06-10 May 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Vehicle Control Systems03-07 Jun 2024Accra - Ghana/Uyo$5,950 #700,000
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications in Transportation Systems Engineering and Planning08-12 Jul 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traffic Project - From Idea to Construction22-26 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traffic and Transport Engineering Fundamentals16-20 Sep 2024Accra - Ghana/Uyo$5,950 #700,000
Road and Infrastructure Maintenance16-20 Sep 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traction Power System16-20 Sep 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Smart City Mobility Applications16-20 Sep 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traffic Signal Control23-27 Sep 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Intelligent Transportation Systems23-27 Sep 2024Accra - Ghana/Uyo$5,950 #700,000
Road Safety Audits & Inspections07-11 Oct 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Road Asset Management07-11 Oct 2024Kigali - Rwanda/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture, Engineering Processes & Standards18-22 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Cybersecurity Monitoring, Event Management, and Incident Response in Intelligent Transportation Systems18-22 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Road Geometric Design18-22 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Road Safety Auditor Team Leader Certification09-13 Dec 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traffic Impact Analysis09-13 Dec 2024Accra - Ghana/Uyo$5,950 #700,000