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Electrical Engineering Training Courses

Merge with the Advancements of the Industry

The field of Electrical Engineering has undergone significant evolution and innovation, progressing from its foundational principles to electromechanical systems, then incorporating digital electronics, and now advancing into full-fledged digitalization, transitioning from copper to fiber optics. This transformation has greatly enhanced the efficiency, reliability, and safety of electrical power systems. Electrical engineering has come full circle with the integration of smart grids and microgrids into the infrastructure.

Oxford School of Business and Management's Electrical Engineering training courses prioritize the reduction of carbon footprint and mitigating global warming potential. Our courses enable delegates to stay updated on the latest developments in electrical engineering, renewable energy, electrical machines, smart grids, and various other relevant topics. Covering areas such as Modern Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Equipment & Control Systems, Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation & Maintenance, among others, our training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of Electrical Engineering.

Training Course TitleDateVenueFees (USD)Fees (NGN)
Power System Blackouts Preventive Measures22-26 Jan 2024Muscat - Oman/Benin$5,950 #700,000
Best Practices in Revenue Protection: Metering, Billing & Loss Reduction26 Feb-01 Mar 2024Nairobi - Kenya/Kaduna$5,950 #700,000
5-Day Mini MBA in Power, Electricity and Industry Infrastructure26 Feb-01 Mar 2024Nairobi - Kenya/Kaduna$5,950 #700,000
TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears04-08 Mar 2024Muscat - Oman/Benin$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Demand-Side Management (DSM)04-08 Mar 2024Muscat - Oman/Benin$5,950 #700,000
Power Quality, Harmonics Mitigation & Reactive Power Management08-12 Apr 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
5-Day Mini MBA in Power, Electricity and Industry Infrastructure08-12 Apr 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Energy Isolation06-10 May 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Start-up, Commissioning & Testing of Electrical Systems06-10 May 2024Muscat - Oman/Benin$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Drawings and Control Circuits06-10 May 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Protection13-17 May 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Traction Power System03-07 Jun 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Modern Electrical Power Systems10-14 Jun 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears10-14 Jun 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Best Practices in Revenue Protection: Metering, Billing & Loss Reduction01-05 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
5-Day Mini MBA in Power, Electricity and Industry Infrastructure15-19 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Equipment & Control Systems22-26 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Substation Design & Operation22-26 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems22-26 Jul 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Energy Isolation05-09 Aug 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Installations & Maintenance05-09 Aug 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Generator Excitation Systems09-13 Sep 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
ARC Flash Hazard Analysis16-20 Sep 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation & Maintenance30 Sep-04 Oct 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Electrical Protection07-11 Oct 2024Muscat - Oman/Benin$5,950 #700,000
Grounding Systems Design & Application07-11 Oct 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Advanced Circuit Breakers Operation and Maintenance04-08 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Best Practices in Revenue Protection: Metering, Billing & Loss Reduction18-22 Nov 2024London - UK/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Start-up, Commissioning & Testing of Electrical Systems18-22 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment18-22 Nov 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000
Modern Power System Protective Relaying16-20 Dec 2024Dubai - UAE/Lagos$5,950 #700,000